Friday, February 02, 2007

Eating Disorders...should we blame the parents.

Recently, Supermodel Gisele Bundchen claimed that eating disorders are caused by "bad" families. She claimed that her family has always been supportive to her, and therefore she never developed an eating disorder! Does she really think that all women (and men!) with ED had unsupportive families?! Does she really think the only factor in developing an eating disorder is support? She lashed out against the media and recent claims that the modeling industry itself promotes eating disorders. This sociocultural perspective claims that young women see the bodies the fashion industry touts as beautiful and leads to them trying to reach that impossible ideal.
There is a wonderful article that I have posted below to show Gisele's claims have no scientific support. There is, however, interesting support that shows a genetic link in EDs.

Alert: NYC fashion shows are thinking of banning underweight models? Do you think it is a good idea or not? Spain has recently banned underweight models from runway shows...should the US follow suit? Anyone with a BMI (Body Mass Index) under 18.5 would not be allowed to work the runway!

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